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Why You Should Choose Friesian Horses

The Netherlands was the place where these Friesian horses came from. For how many centuries, these horses have been shown to have come from the European war horses. This breed of horses was well known to be the one used to carry full-armored knights ready for a battle.

When it comes to Friesian horses, they are mostly black in color and coat. A chestnut color comes only in a small number of these Friesian horses that are predominantly colored black. For the pure-bred Friesian horses, they come with a small forehead star while some have some white marks on them. Even so, those that will be registered as pure-bred Friesian horses are the ones that have a small white star in them or those that are really colored plain black. Those Friesian horses that have a lot of white markings on their coat and skin are not deemed pure that is why they are not easily registered unlike the all-black horses.

Aside from their attractive black coats, Friesian horses are well known for having feathered lower leg hairs as well as having a thick tail and thick mane. Their legs are being characterized as having a feathered hair because it is not being cut and just left to gracefully feather. Their look has been made more unique and attractive all because of this particular characteristic of theirs.

Friesian horses are today being used for doing harness work as well as saddle work being the adaptable and strong horses that they are. They do harness work in the sense that they can serve as a carry device such as being hitched to a wagon or do some plowing for agricultural purposes. When races and horse shows come, these Friesian horses are also being rode on by riders. There is no doubt that they can do either with their capacity and their being good-natured horses.

Even if Friesian horses are originally bred in Europe, they are now found in just about any country that specializes in doing dealings of Friesian horses for sale. Friesian horses for sale can just be found just about anywhere in any major horse breeding farm.

The internet is no doubt one of the best sources of reputable breeding farms that make sure to put Friesian horses for sale for those who are interested in buying them. An online horse listing will give you impressive details about the most popular horse farms there are that do put Friesian horses for sale along with other horse breeds they sell as well as their being available and other information. What is most important at the end of the day is you being able to get your Friesian horses from the right breeders who know a great deal about this particular breed of horses.

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