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Those companies whose operational activities involves detecting various acts of unlawfully acquiring information from firms are known as the Technical Surveillance Countermeasure Companies. In order to identify the various forms of information breach equipments such as cameras and audio recording instruments that may have been placed in places where no one can easily identify, the company uses very sophisticated technology. Identification of various limitations in the communication channel which may then be used to the advantage of those who do not want the firm to succeed is the sole objective of the surveillance countermeasure organizations.

People with adequate expertise in the field of surveillance countermeasures are usually the ones who are mandated with the task of surveying the organizations. A host of methods are used when conducting the surveillance countermeasure activities

The surveillance countermeasure firms use radio receivers when trying to identify data bugs that might transmit information in any form. Since it is true that majority of data is usually transmitted by air means, this method therefore remains efficient when used to detect bugs. It is somehow difficult to identify other modes of information bugs simply because they do not transmit data through use of radio frequencies. In order to detect such bugs, the surveillance countermeasure company has to use a lot of sophisticated technology. The surveillance countermeasure companies can rely on the technology that seeks to establish the kind of magnetic field s being produced by the hidden bugs. The firm might as well use technological equipments that can be able to identify instances of noise that is made by the bugged electronic tools.

The Technical Surveillance Countermeasure Companies relies on various technologies to detect the various forms of hidden bugs that are meant to breach information from the company. To detect any hostile radio frequencies that the organization is not familiar with, broadband radio receivers are used. The frequency scanner detects the electromagnetic fields that are not expected to be in the organization. The non linear junction detector is used by the companies to identify hidden electronic components that may be used for eavesdropping on the company. Doubted components within the copper wire system that links the organization’s telephone lines and other communication channels are usually detected through the use of the time-domain reflectometer.

The practice of the company in ensuring that any form of information that is important to only the organization and should therefore not be leaked to outsiders is therefore maintained through the use of Technical Surveillance Countermeasure Companies. The desire to withhold some information is there in every person or organization. The services of the surveillance countermeasure companies thus assist companies to remain secretive.

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